My Vision

The majority of my work is centered on the human figure. Drawing is the fundamental need that gets me started in my work. I am always searching for that simple line that can purely and simply capture the action, the feeling or just my mood. Hopefully my final result will touch the viewer or passer by, and they will feel the need to stop, look and question or simply node and smile.

Vivian - about 2008

Visual Art is the evolution of the human attempts to record and share the perception of seen objects, creatures, actions or concepts like numbers. I imagine it started maybe with the drawing of the concept of “one” as an horizontal line ” – ” like in Chinese, and then a vertical line ” | ” like in Roman, and then as ” 1 ” in Arabic. As human societies evolved our perception of the world got more intellectual, and so did the Fine Arts, focusing on the visualization of more abstract concepts like feelings and moods.

Drawing is one of the most simple expression of the human necessity to communicate and  preserve the knowledge of important discoveries, that some of us strongly feel and would love they be not forgotten, by the future generations.

That is what I think about Art, and what I am doing here: trying and retrying, discovering and rediscovering, and reliving the same exhilaration of combining lines and curves … for the simple necessity to communicate.

From my initial need of drawing,  I then moved on to colours, and my inspirations are the Mannerist, Baroque and Impressionist artists. Of all the artists, Michelangelo Merisi “Il Caravaggio” is the one which fascinates me the most, with his amazing use of chiaroscuro. The other great artist which I always have in my mind is Vincent van Gogh, with his incredible colours and brush strokes.